Since 1896, the Association of Food and Drug Officials has united high-level regulatory officials, industry representatives, trade associations, academia, and consumer organizations. AFDO members strive to foster uniformity in the adoption and enforcement of science-based food, drug, medical device and cosmetic products safety laws and regulation for improved public health.


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Foundation of Cannabis Unified Standards was formed in 2014 as an independent, non-profit, health and safety organization to address the many quality and safety shortcomings that became evident with the explosive growth of the cannabis industry. FOCUS works around the world to help policy makers, public health agencies, and operators navigate cannabis-specific risks specifics by building adequate protections for health and safety into programs


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Since 2017, the Association of Food and Drug Officials (AFDO) and Foundation of Cannabis Unified Standards (FOCUS) have worked together, under a Cannabis Regulatory Partnership, to educate and inform hundreds of regulatory officials across the country. As public health organizations, AFDO and FOCUS both represent the gold standard in their sectors: AFDO in food, drugs, and the manufacturing of all downstream products, and FOCUS in quality, health, and safety related to cannabis and cannabis products. Collectively, AFDO and FOCUS serve as the core point between all industries cannabis touches, and as such are uniquely positioned to provide a unbiased, all-encompassing solution to enact effective and comprehensive federal legislation for cannabis